Denman Island, BC


About Denman Island


Denman Island's temperate climate is unique among West Coast ecosystems. Avid gardeners can plant and harvest year round, while cyclists can enjoy their sport throughout the winter. Denman is fortunate to be part of the fertile Comox Valley, and is known for its high percentage of agricultural land. From a geographical perspective, Denman is in a very favourable position to collect much rain and sun, as it lays northwest by southeast. The land has been farmed here for 120 years and it shows. The annual Home & Garden Tour is so popular that it is commonly sold out before it even starts!

There are three beautiful provincial parks on Denman Island and plenty of hiking trails in between. Boyle Point Provincial Park, located at the south end of the island is an ideal spot for eagle watching, especially during the spring herring run. From this hiking trail one can see the Chrome Island lighthouse. Twice a year, at the lowest tide, Chrome Island can be walked to for a look at the ancient Aboriginal petroglyghs carved onto the yellow rock face.

Fillongley Provincial Park is located on the east side of the island and features some of the largest remaining stands of Douglas Firs and Cedars in the region. This is the only site on Denman Island for public camping, and advanced booking is usually required in order to secure a spot in this picturesque beachfront campground.

Denman Island's first ferry, Rex, 1930.

Denman's Sandy Island Provincial Park offers a home to a prolific population of birds and butterflies. This provincial park is a popular base camp for tourists throughout the summer months, providing excellent swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Also referred to as Tree Island and Seal Island, it is reachable year-round by foot at low tide.

If it is local culture that is sought, visit one of the several Denman Island private studios and public galleries. With a population of approximately 1200 residents, Denman Island boasts a large number of artists and artisans who draw their ingenuity from the endless natural beauty that surrounds them. Denman Island is also thoroughly reflected in the written word, as many authors are inspired by the dynamic west-coast landscape. Both the Dora Drinkwater Volunteer Community Library in the Community Hall and the Summer Museum in the Senior's Hall carry a varied selection by local writers. The humour of island living and love of good food are found among these pages, providing a glimpse into the unique characters who call Denman Island their home.

Denman Island has something for everyone. Whether you chose to visit Denman as a tourist or end up buying land and becoming a resident, you'll find that Denman's convenient location, beautiful natural environment and abundance of local arts & crafts will make it a hard place to forget.

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